12 Strong (2018)

Leaded by Chris Hemsworth, better known for his role as Thor in The Avengers, "12 Strong" is an action drama that tells the story of the "Horse Soldiers", a Special Forces team that must carry out a dangerous mission in Afghanistan, days after the 9/11 attack.

This film is based on the book "The Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan" by writer Doug Stanton, which tells the story about the members of the 5th Special Forces Group (5SFG) of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. The book was published in 2009.

Jerry Bruckheimer produces this war tape set in Afghanistan and shot in New Mexico, on a kind of horseback (never better said) between War Horse and Rambo III, "The earth is yours but the sky is ours, if you want bombs talk to me." "We have to be smart, not superheroes." Chris Hemsworth leaves his heavy hammer to get into the skin of a captain who, on the back of a stallion, wipes every Taliban who gets in front of him; with him, as supporting role, the infallible Michael Shannon (villain in The Form of Water, Sheriff in Night Animals), Michael Peña (in his, at least, the second film inspired by the 9/11 events) and the "Lady of Thor" in real life, and here in fiction, Elsa Pataky. I would not stop mentioning William Fitchner, who appears quite changed for the occasion. The excellent special effects are from ILM, which, like in Black Hawk Down, you hardly notice ... but they are there. As they say, the facts are based on a true story ... so you have to believe them, and enjoy a good time (more than two hours, by the way) of the action, light weapons and almost inch-precision bombing.

The plot unfolds in the days following the attack on September 11, when a Special Forces team, led by its new captain, Mitch Nelson (Hemsworth), is chosen as the first soldier sent to Afghanistan on an extremely retaliatory mission dangerous. There, in the rugged mountains, they must convince General Dostum (Navid Negahban), of the Northern Alliance, to join forces to fight against their common enemy: the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies. Besides they will have to overcome the mutual distrust and the great cultural division between them, the Americans, accustomed to their theater of war, must adapt to the old tactics of Afghan horsemen. But, despite their not so easy alliance, they face overwhelming disadvantages: an enemy with a greater number of soldiers, weapons and who does not take prisoners.

In our opinion it is a very good film, it doesn’t leave much to be desired from a cinematic point of view ... the film is well worked, with a good cast of actors and entertaining. A movie that shows us the hell in which Afghans and Americans alike fought with the Taliban. Good work by Chris Hemsworth, he has shown once again to be at the height of the role he represented. It is a very interesting film, recommended for everyone who wants a good session of action.