Alpha (2018)

20,000 years ago, at the time of the last ice age. In that timeframe is 'Alpha'. Located in Europe, probably in the north by the northern lights that teaches us and by the art with spirals so typical of cultures of the area and that we can see several times in the film. An era of which we have scientific record of their diets, types of hunting and even musical instruments. Why not suppose that the first signs of collaboration between the dog or the man arose then? There are genetic studies that support this claim, that relate us to wolves thousands of years ago in places like the mythical burial mound of Newgrange.

Although this may seem like a documentary and the beginning of the film seems one to be accompanied by the voice of Morgan Freeman, who has narrated many reports, 'Alpha' only uses all these elements to locate us. After the start and presentation, the film leaves aside any didactic sensation to enter a survival fiction.

The story of the Albert Hughes film ('Eli's book') is very classic in terms of the conception of its characters. But it uses much less hackneyed arguments to generate the friendship relationship between the quadruped creature and the human. It is based on small gestures that have great consequences. It does not run to go to the heart of the matter, but until the middle of the film does not start with that link that turns enemies into allies. With some viewers this delay in reaching the subject of the film can be a factor against.

No attempt has been made to focus attention on the typical camaraderie between the canid and the human. Each one has their motivation and takes advantage of the company and surprising collaboration of the other to get ahead. In this way a more credible and plausible story has been achieved. I thought that I would also find a sentimental tape or with the intention of painting everything beautiful, but it has not been like that. What has been shot seems to me quite coherent.

Despite this, the story, although well told, remains somewhat simple. We have a search for courage, a step to maturity, a longing for parental recognition and an unheard-of friendship. Around these universal themes has been narrated an adventure of resistance to life and death and in a team that is well consumed thanks to its photography.

From the beginning Martin Gschlacht, responsible for the images we see, likes the landscape and the scenes. It has given the film a course, dirty and hard tone. Using a collection of high contrast shots and several slow cameras transports us to our frozen past. Undoubtedly the greatest value of this film is its visual art.

This movie has been one of the most anticipated in 2018 and is a movie that you will enjoy a lot or family, as it deals with a series of values ​​such as friendship, fatherhood, family, union and companionship.

On the IMDB page, it gets a score of 7.1/10 in its ranking, plus you can read some reviews made by fans in the following link