Vikings is a television series co-produced between Canada and Ireland, created by Michael Hirst for the television channel The History Channel, which tells the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of his time. The series tells the sagas of the Viking band of the Ragnar brothers and their family, when he rises to become the king of the Viking tribes. Not alone is one of the brave warriors, Ragnar usually embodies the Nordic traditions of devotion to the famous gods; the legend says that he was a direct descendant of god Odin, the god of war and warriors.

This is a series that is advisable for several reasons; among them, because it is based on the legend of the Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok, which gives it a real and historical character. Another reason is the clash of cultures and religions that occurs between the much-named and acclaimed Nordic religion, closer to nature, the worship of different gods and sacrifices, each with its own history, in front of the Christians, with an only god, that take the other existing religions as pagan and unholy ... and because of the issue of religious fanaticism, contrary to respect other religious beliefs, or fear of unknown traditions and cults. The role of the monk Athelstan, who joins Ragnar in his adventures, becomes a great friendship. Very important also are the personal relationships of the characters that go from love to hatred quickly, the characters are passionate and are carried away by their emotions, living day to day without fear. The series has a part of magic and mysticism remaining therefore to our free interpretation.

It has scenes of violence and sex in its proper measure, and as not as in other series, '' for free '', Sex scenes are measured and nothing out of tune, and violence has the right amount, without falling into exaggeration. But undoubtedly the main reason is that justice is being done, historically speaking, to the authentic and true Viking culture. Because the Vikings, since their lands were poor and did not give them enough to survive, often traveled in  spring to other countries to loot and to obtain booties. Ragnar Lothbrok, hero for some, villain for others ... but brave and ruthless for all. Ragnar Lothbrok, myth or reality? ... It continues being object of discussion between the historians, because the little information that we have on him comes mainly from the Icelandic Sagas, stories and Nordic poetries of the "Average Age"

Anyway, this is the least important, because in this series, we can let our imagination fly and think that everything we are seeing could really happen, in a time where the force of reason always came from an ax or a sword in the head of the opponent; a force in which women also participated, fighting alongside men on the battlefield in armies of Northern Europe on ancient times. This series touches many real things, and with a unique touch, without doubt one of the best series where betrayal is the main rule of the events that are taking place with a great cast in each of their roles.


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