Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is an anime series produced by Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation, which began airing on July 5, 2015 and ended on March 25, 2018. It is a sequel to the Dragon Ball manga and the first television series which offers a new story after ten years of the world chronology of the series.

For fans of the Dragon Ball series it was a real and pleasant surprise that eighteen years after the end of Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super had been put into production, a new animated series that continues with the adventures of Goku and the other characters in the franchise. To our delight, Toei Animation developed the new Dragon Ball Super saga, a new Dragon Ball anime that premiered in July 2015. This is a totally original project, a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, by Akira Toriyama, author of the Dragon Ball manga.

The story of the anime begins 8 months after the defeat of Majin Boo, in which it is expected that the earth has finally achieved the long-awaited peace, but we know that it won’t last long like this. Milk, Goku's wife, wants her husband to get a normal job since the danger is finally "over", so the Saiyan becomes a farmer.

On the other hand, Gotenks, the youngest son of Goku, at the beginning of this new story, will be busy trying to find a gift for Videl, Gohan's girlfriend (his older brother), since they have just committed and are going to get married.

But on the other side of the galaxy, a mysterious being known as "the God of Destruction," Bills, mercilessly destroys a planet with minimal effort, and then tells his teacher, Wiss, that he had dreamed of a man that he knows as "the God of the Super Sayians", and must face him, just for the fact that "it will be fun". That's how the story begins, so Goku, Vegeta and everyone else must confront these two beings in this new saga.
The series is divided into 5 story arcs or "sagas" according to the intensity and evolution of the battles for the survival of the universe.

Story arcs:

  • Battle of the Gods saga (2015) 14 episodes
  • Resurrection of Freezer saga (2016) 13 episodes
  • Tournament of the Universe 6 saga (2016) 19 episodes
  • Black Goku / Future Trunks saga (2017) 30 episodes
  • Universal Survival Saga (2018) 55 episodes

Without a doubt, Dragon Ball Super made an epic return, and it is the sequel from Dragon Ball Z that so many fans had been waiting for; a marvelous high quality outcome for our favorite franchise, and, it’s almost a miracle, after all these years, that Dragon Ball is able to continue to flame up our excitement with its highly dynamic fights, believable characters, the retelling of the good old battle between good and evil against apparently impossible odds, with that blend between science fiction, martial arts, and fantasy, full of values ​​and vital lessons to take into account in our day by day.



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