The Emoji Movie (2017)

The Emoji Movie is a film produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Tony Leondis, it is a popular adaptation based on emojis for the application we use in mobile messages.

The film has become infamous for the harsh criticism it has received, and is currently considered one of the worst films of all time. Emoji: the film was nominated for 4 Razzie awards, of which it won all of them; including worst movie, worst director, worst couple, and worst script, making it the first animated film to be nominated and win those awards.

The plot recreates the complex and immense secret world never seen before of your smartphone. Inside the application of messages hides a world called Textópolis, a very active city where they usually live the favorite emojis of the users, and where they usually wait to be selected by the user of the telephone; In this world, each emoji has a single facial expression that is something unique that usually characterizes it, with the exception of Gene (T.J. Miller), an emoji that was born without a filter, and presents the possibility of generating multiple expressions. Gene is an emoji who lives in the digital city of his user Alex's phone. His parents have serious doubts about letting him go to work, but Gene insists that he wants to feel useful. Upon receiving a message from his lover, Addie, Alex decides to send him an emoji to show his emotion for what he received. That's where Gene is selected, but he panics and makes a confused expression and completely ruins the message. Gene is called by Smiler, a smiling emoji and text center leader, who concludes that Gene is a technical error and, therefore, should be eliminated.

Gene is pursued by the bots, but is rescued by Hi-5, an emoji hand that was once popular, but lost its fame due to lack of use. He tells Gene that he can solve his problem if he finds a hacker, so Hi-5 accompanies him so he can regain his fame. Determined to become "normal", like the other emojis, Gene asks for help from Hi-5 (James Corden) and the notorious emoji coder Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer). Together they embark on an epic "adventure app" through phone apps, each of which has its own wild and fun world, to find the code Gene can fix. However, when a greater danger threatens the world of telephones, the fate of all emojis depends on the fact that this unlikely team can save their world before it ends forever.

In spite of the harsh criticism from the media, we can’t avoid saying that it is very colorful film with a positive messages for children, even if it isn’t original at all. The film didn’t win any recognition, but it is an adventurous bet and that, without a doubt, appealed to a large children audience that feels emotional identification with the emojis that can be seen frequently by the media; it didn't have the same appeal to older audiences, despite the big-budget voice casting.


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